Punching and Forming
Welding and Joining
Nesting and CAD
Finishing Solutions
We are a service company performing sheet and structural metal fabrication, welding, and assembly processes. We fabricate customer parts from aluminum, carbon steel, copper, brass, galvanized and Stainless.

Some of the industries we serve are Commercial Kitchen Equipment, Computer, Lighting & Electrical, HVAC, Commercial Construction, Government Subcontracting, Laboratory and Research as well as Maintenance and Improvements for Manufacturing and Processing Facilities.

We offer Metamation programming, 3D CAD/CAM, unfolding and nesting software along with SolidWorks CAD software to accommodate drafting requirements.


E.P.M.P., LTD. is committed to manufacturing and service excellence and we demonstrate that commitment in all aspects of our organization.


E.P.M.P., LTD. assists customers through the entire supply base management process. With flexibility in manufacturing, assembly, and delivery, E.P.M.P., LTD adapts internal scheduling, manufacturing, storage and shipping functions to integrate seamlessly with the customer requirements.


E.P.M.P., LTD has Dock to Stock status with all major customers and ships within the frameworks of Kanban, JIT, and demand flow. In addition, we can utilize different triggers for daily shipping, including phone calls, Faxes, EDI and e-mails.

E.P.M.P., LTD. was built on Service and referrals feel free to call any of our Customers Past or Present and ask.